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Social Media

Did you know 75 percent of all B2B buyers say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect to your prospects and customers via sponsored posts on our ASICentral social media channels. Promote your brand/product on the newsfeeds of a highly engaged social media audience of tens of thousands of Facebook and Instagram users.


How It Works:

  1. Purchase a sponsored post and either provide info for the post or have ASI Creative Labs put it together for you.
  2. The post will:
    • Include an image or video
    • Contain a message
    • Link directly to a location you choose, like your website, Facebook page, content marketing sponsored story page – anywhere you like.
  3. Your post will appear on the ASICentral Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds, to be seen by our audience.
  4. We’ll boost your post so it appears on the Facebook newsfeeds of more followers.
  5. Users on Facebook and Instagram can like, comment or share your content, increasing your exposure.
  6. See an increase in engagement!

With ad creative, robust audience targeting options and expert campaign management, you’ll reach the right audience at the perfect time to start conversations about your products.

Advantages of Social Media Advertising with ASI Creative Labs:

Get your message in front of potential and current customers instantly.

Reach the ASICentral audience, as well as those with similar demographics to maximize your exposure.

Connect with your prospects in a fun, friendly medium where they already spend their time.

We offer a limited number of sponsored social media posts – allowing your message to stand out.


$990 per post. Includes ASI Facebook page and custom audience targeting.

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