Position your brand as an industry leader.


Increase brand awareness and thought leadership with Creative Labs webinars. You'll work with our content experts to create a webinar experience that will deliver engaging content to your top prospects.

Sponsor an ASI Creative Labs webinar and get up to 45 minutes to present on a topic related to your products or brand, plus a live 15-minute Q&A at the end of the broadcast. Our team will prepare all marketing materials and generate leads from our pool of interested contacts, while you enlist your company's experts to discuss your products and industry expertise.

Webinar Program Overview

  • (1) Educational webinar, created and presented by your company
  • (3) Pre-event emails sent to encourage registration
  • (2) Reminder emails (sent 1 day and 1 hour prior to the event) to ensure maximum attendance
  • (1) Ad in Counselor® PromoGram e-newsletter
  • Posts on ASI social media
  • (1) Post-webinar email to attendees and registrants to view recording of webinar (also added to ASIUniversity.com)
  • Contact details of webinar registrants – you'll see who attended and who did not

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